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2024 Canton Fair–Embrace new opportunities and experience new productivity

With the slow global economic recovery and weak international trade growth, the 133rd Canton Fair attracted domestic and foreign buyers from more than 220 countries and regions to register and exhibit. The historical high, exported to $ 12.8 billion.
As the “vane” and “barometer” of China’s foreign trade, it can be seen through the window of the “China First Exhibition” Canton Fair that the construction of a modern industrial system in my country is steady. It is still tough, and an open and flowing China will benefit the world.1

The two key words of this Canton Fair are “intelligence” and “greening”, which reflect the magnificent transformation of Chinese products from “made in China” to “intelligent manufacturing” in China, and also highlight the new quality productivity.
Embracing the global market and establishing a more stable industrial chain and supply chain have become the focus of manufacturing foreign trade enterprises. At this Canton Fair, many companies told reporters that they would rely on technology to expand their global vision and strive to become the world’s leading smart companies in their subdivided industries.7

In recent years, improving production efficiency and reducing production resource consumption have become the main ways for domestic and foreign industrial manufacturers to enhance market competitiveness. Therefore, digitalization, networking, and intelligence of factories have become the focus of major enterprises and market layout and development.
Four Faith actively responded to the national call, relying on its R&D advantages, focused on the 5G+industrial Internet industry, and worked with industrial partners to create a one-stop solution for 5G fully connected factories. Through the advanced digital production management system, it realized the full digitalization of the production process, enabling enterprises to more accurately grasp the production situation, which can not only enhance the controllability of the production process, but also quickly respond to market demand.
At the exhibition site, the one-stop solution for Four Faith 5G fully connected factories has become a popular exhibition area, attracting countless overseas buyers to stop and take photos, and conducting in-depth discussions on how traditional factories of customers can achieve digital transformation and upgrading with the help of technological level.8

Four Faith colleagues introduced on-site that through the Four Faith 5G fully connected one-stop solution, whether it is personnel and material entry, product production process, production equipment supervision and control, or identification of transportation license plates and models from the factory, the entire process can be controlled through Four Faith related product solutions. By using Four Faith 5G series terminals and supporting solutions, the full coverage of 5G fully connected factories can be achieved.
This Canton Fair has brought positive impacts to the industry, attracting a large number of participating enterprises and purchasers, demonstrating the significant achievements of the development of new formats and models in promoting transactions and cooperation. It also demonstrates the important position of the Canton Fair in global trade and its positive role in promoting transactions, cooperation, and industry exchanges. With the continuous development and growth of the Canton Fair, it is believed that it will continue to make greater contributions to global trade and economic development.

Post time: Apr-17-2024