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How to choose a makeup case

Now many beautiful girls like to make up, but where do we usually put bottles of cosmetics? Do you choose to put it on the dresser? Or put it in a small cosmetic bag?

If none of the above is true, now you have a new choice, you can choose a makeup case to place your cosmetics. For professional makeup artists, you can choose a professional makeup case.

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So how should we choose and buy a cosmetic case? Next, let's have a look!

Tips for selecting cosmetic cases:

1. If it is for personal use at home and usually placed in the dresser, buy a household make-up case; If it is for professional purposes, such as beauty school teaching, we must buy a professional cosmetic case.

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Cosmetic Case For Home

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Cosmetic Case For Artists

2. There are many materials in the cosmetic case, including melamine, acrylic, leather, ABS, etc.

If it is for family use, choose leather, which is light, beautiful and exquisite, and can be used as decorations.

If you are a professional artist and often carry it out, you need to choose a professional cosmetic case made of aluminum alloy profiles, such as melamine, which is characterized by reasonable space, solid structure, airtightness and light weight.

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3. There are many kinds of cosmetic cases according to their functions.

Some are simple small boxes with makeup mirrors. They have no separation and can be used in any way. There are several small drawer grid layers in the complex part.

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Cosmetic Case With Mirror

Professional cosmetic cases are more complex and powerful. There are many folding boxes, including key lock cosmetic cases and password lock cosmetic cases.

Or it can be divided into double cosmetic cases and single cosmetic cases according to the opening mode. A cosmetic case with a hand or trolley. 

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Cosmetic Case With Trolley

There are also those with or without lights. The largest cosmetic case is a dresser, equipped with a mirror and lights.

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cosmetic case with mirror and lights

After reading the above introduction, do you also want a cosmetic case?

Now let's take a look at some cosmetics cases launched by our company.

Makeup Case

We accept customized cosmetic cases. If you need, please contact us, and we are happy to serve you.

Post time: Jun-03-2019