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New Market Trends

-- Aluminum cases and cosmetic cases are popular in Europe and North America

According to the statistics of the company's foreign trade department, in recent months, most of our products have been sold to European and North American countries, especially the trading volume of aluminum cases and cosmetic cases. A few products are sold to South Korea, New Zealand, South Africa, Peru, Kenya and other countries.

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Our trading products with Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Greece and other European countries are mostly aluminum cases products, including aluminum acrylic cases, aluminum coin cases, aluminum CD cases, aluminum barber cases, aluminum tool cases, etc. It is estimated that consumers in European countries prefer aluminum cases products. With strong storage function and beautiful appearance design, aluminum cases products have become the best choice for many consumers.

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We trade with the United States, Mexico and other North American countries, including cosmetic cases, cosmetic bags, rolling makeup cases, etc. It is estimated that consumers in North America prefer such products. More and more consumers pay attention to the quality of life, have a lot of cosmetics, and have a demand for storage, so they prefer cosmetic cases, cosmetic bags, rolling makeup cases.

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As a manufacturer of professional aluminum cases, cosmetic cases and cosmetic bags, we have an independent R&D and design team, which will design products and put them into production according to customer needs. Our products are more and more popular with people all over the world, especially in North America and Europe.

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With the recovery and opening of the world economy, more and more countries are returning to world trade. In the face of such a development trend, we will take more orders with strong strength, provide more high-quality products for people around the world, and strive to become an excellent manufacturer of comestic case,comestic bags,aluminum cases and flight cases!

Post time: Nov-04-2022